Let's face it, even though we have been inundated with rain for the last month or so, we have been lucky that our temps have stayed down.  Well below 90 degrees.  But, we also know that Summer is coming, and will bring with it those scorching temps that Oklahoman's are used to.
Staying cool doesn't have to cost you a fortune though! Check out these tips from the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants for saving money and keeping your cool this Summer.
Tips for slashing summer cooling costs
OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s almost officially summertime and it is already heating up. Oklahomans will try to beat the heat by cranking up their AC and doing anything they can to keep cool. With temperatures and energy prices on the rise, there are a few ways you can trim costs without allowing your house to turn into a sauna. The Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA) recommends the following tips to help keep you cooler without breaking the bank.
  1. Check your filters. Depending on what type of filter your unit has, experts say it is best to either clean or replace filters once a month. Your air quality will be better and your unit will not have to work as hard trying to get air through a dirty filter.
  2. Check your window unit. Make sure your window unit fits properly in the window and the area around is sealed tight so that you aren’t letting cool air out and hot air inside. For central units, check for holes or separated joints in the air ducts.
  3. Newer could be nicer. If your AC unit is no longer cooling properly, you might consider investing in a newer, more energy efficient model. This can help cut energy costs and save money in the long run.
  4. Start smart savings. Invest in a programmable thermostat, so that you can turn the temperature up a few degrees while you are away and have it cooling by the time you arrive back home.
  5. Make a move. Move your heat generating appliances away from thermostats and window units so it can’t trigger a false reading and spike up your bill.
  6. Get the air circulating. Consider using stand, box or ceiling fans to help the cool air get around your home. Using fans with air conditioning can help better circulate the air and lower the internal temperature of your home.
  7. Supplement with supplies. Stop drafts from windows by adding weather stripping, caulk or inexpensive plastic film to help with insulation.
  8. Close the curtains. Keep curtains and blinds closed during the heat of the day. You may also consider in investing in some heat blocking curtains (blackout curtains) or blinds.
  9. Give the oven a rest. Especially during the hottest portion of the day, ovens can heat up the entire house. Eat a meal that doesn’t require any cooking or try using another small appliance or firing up the outside grill.
  10. Heavy hitting heater. Turn down the temperature setting of your water heater. You could save money by lowering the temperature of your water heater by just five degrees.
Making energy improvements around your home are just a few ways you can help lower your overall household expenses.  If you would like advice on any of your family’s financial concerns, be sure to consult a local CPA. If you don’t have one, get a free referral and free 30-minute consultation at www.FindYourCPA.com.

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