The company that found a way to replace a bun with two pieces of fried chicken has taken it up a notch and found a way to replace a cup with a cookie.

KFC just announced it's about to start selling the world's first edible coffee cup. It's made out of cookies, and both the inside and outside are covered in a heat-resistant white chocolate.

That keeps the cookie part solid, and the coffee hot. Then as you drink from it, the chocolate slowly melts and you can start eating the cookie. From the photos we've seen, it's more like a sugar cookie than a chocolate cookie.

And now the tragic news; it only comes out later this year at KFC locations in the U.K.

That being said, this invention seems far too appealing to stay confined over there . . . I'd be shocked if we didn't get a crack at it someday.

Source: (Salon)

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