If you have never been to Planet Fitness let me tell you why I am such a fan. For one I go anytime I want and when I say anytime if I want to go after work that's fine. Maybe its the first thing in the morning which never happens but I could. So they fit your schedule 24/7 which is a great tool. Also I come and work out with my tunes I bring our watch the TV's above or have worked out with friends so however you want to work out.

I personally like the elliptical machine as I can glide through a work out in 30-45 minutes. It has helped me stay in shape and for my age that's a good thing and helps with losing weight just by burning more calories.

Remember if you sign up today its the $1 down and 10 a month. Thats it!! and its that easy. Stop by for a free tour. 38th and Cache road in the Cache road square. You will love them the first time you step in. See you there sometime Huh

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