So I was reading a story about how the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Shelter is currently at such a critical capacity that they're offering 100% free adoptions of all their rescue animals hoping to avoid a mass euthanasia event and figured I'd check to see if Lawton Animal Welfare was experiencing the same thing. Yes and no... maybe a bit of both.

As you can see, there are a bunch of good looking dogs at Lawton Animal Welfare waiting to find their forever home, and they're all for the taking. LAW has even lowered the adoption costs to just $20 through the end of this month for most, only $5 for rabbits, and of course you'll have to buy the $15 pet permit/stupid city tax to have a pet, but it's just pennies in the grand scheme of finding a new family member for the kiddos.

Things sure are different now than they were back when 2021 first kicked off. In January, you couldn't hardly find rescue pets anywhere. People were spending more time at home, they were lonely and animal shelters across this entire country were empty, most animals only spent the minimum allowable time in the shelter before going home with someone needing the company.

As the pandemic shrinks, people are returning to work and they have less time on their hands, so record numbers of rescued pets are being surrendered back to the shelters because some humans really are monsters.

If you want to take on a pet but not sure if you're up to the task, you're probably not up to the task. Dogs are like toddlers, they depend on you for everything. Food, shelter, water, etc... They're a lot of fun, but it's kind of like taking on the responsibility of a kid. Cats are less work as they're more independent, and rabbits are just pretty chill. My nephews have a rabbit. It'll hop over to you and just let you pet on it. Weird, but neat.

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