We've been hearing rumors online and elsewhere for months about the possibility of Burlington Coat Factory coming to Lawton, Fort Sill. Well, we've finally gotten confirmation from reliable sources and it's true, we'll be getting a Burlington in town. So where will the new department store be located and when will it be opening?

Originally it was thought that Burlington was going to be a part of the new Scissor Tail Point shopping center on N.W. Cache Road near 50th Street where Mathis Brothers Furniture is going. That was the first rumor, but as it turns out it will actually be located on 82nd Street in the Lawton Marketplace shopping center.

The new Burlington Coat Factory will be at Lawton Marketplace on 82nd Street in Lawton, OK.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Sunday's Lawton Constitution had an article about Burlington announcing that they would be remodeling existing retail space at Lawton Marketplace at 1732 N.W. 82nd Street for the new store. This confirmed all the rumors and finally made it official. According to the article the permit has been issued from the city.

This is great news for Lawton, Fort Sill. Not only do we get a great place to shop, but we also get additional jobs and tax revenues. Now that the permit is issued it won't be long before the new store opens. At this time we don't have an opening date. We'll keep you posted and if we hear anything, pass it along. If you'd like a sneak peek at what's to come visit Burlington's official website or Facebook Page.

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