Every single year, I tell myself that I am not going to miss the Amazon Prime Shopping Days, but, I get busy, and yep, you guessed it!  I miss them.  Well, not this year Satan!  I've got the days marked in bright RED!

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Make no mistake, I love to shop local, and I do every chance I get, not to just support the local economy, but to visit with local retailers and friends.  But, when online deals with as much as half off regular prices hit, I have to be a responsible adult and at least check them out!

I think it was Michelle in our front office that first introduced me to Amazon Prime Days, and the deals that she found were good enough for me to sit up and take notice!  Last year, I bought Fire Sticks for some of our Grand Kids and for the extra TV's in our new house.  After the cost of renovating, it was a relief to save 50% on them!  This year, (I've peeked at some of the deals) they are selling Fire TV's for around a hundred bucks!  How can you pass that up?

So, here are the days you don't want to miss:

Amazon Prime Day June 21-22.

But wait, there's more.  Not to be undone by the big machine that is Amazon, Target has it's own deal days as well.  They are actually around the same time as Amazon: June 20-22.

Then rounding out the Big 3, Walmart will have their own Big Save Event in Late June.

I like to think that most residents will be like me, and plan to spend the money that I save right here in good ole Lawton America!

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