If I had my life to live over, I might choose the library as a career.  I love books, being around them, touching them, and if I have a preference, I will always choose a real book over digital any day of the week.

I love that Lawton Public Library loves to instill that love of books in the children and families that they serve.  Teaching them young to love to read is so important.  My two oldest grandchildren love to read and get excited about going to their school library and the the 'big' library as well! It's even better when you can pair the love of books and reading with exercise and the great outdoors! Hold onto your hat folks because that's happening this weekend!

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

This Saturday, May 1st, Lawton Public Library will kick off it's  Story Walk from 10-1 by the Butterfly Gardens located on the North Side of Elmer Thomas Park.  You'll read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

There will be decorated rocks hidden throughout the park.  Find a rock and you can exchange it for a book!  There will also be crafts that you can take home (While they last) and you can take a guess at how many candies are in the jar.  This is a come and go event partnering books and exercise on a beautiful Saturday Morning!

"These health/literacy projects are supported by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries with federal funds under the library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) and the Institute of Museum & Library Services." [Lawton Public Library Newsletter]

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