The KLAW Morning Crew Jeri and Seth, Nancy Mace from My 1073 and KLAW, Critter from Z94, and James Meeks, along with Melanie Shackleford of Southwest Oklahoma Federal Credit Union went out and about this morning to award $300 Visa gift cards to the three winners of our "Teachers Rule" contest.

Watch the presentations in the video above and read more about each teacher below.

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    Susan Cox

    Carriage Hills Elementary

    Our first stop was Carriage Hills Elementary. Our winner at Carriage Hills was kindergarten teacher Susan Cox, nominated by Amanda Sebree.

    Susan's qualification read like a how too on how to build a great teacher. She treats her kids like family. She is very dedicated and organized, deserving the award without hesitation according to Amanda, who went on to tell us what an amazing teacher, and person in general that Susan is.

    We got a great opportunity to see the mutual respect between teacher in students during story time with Seth. The class was incredibly well behaved, especially considering it was only their third school day, ever.

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    Jordan Zemlin

    Geronimo Road Elementary

    Our next stop of the day was at Geronimo Road Elementary on the base at Fort Sill, the teaching home of Jordan Zemlin. Jordan, who is a second grade teacher, was nominated for our "Teachers Rule" campaign by Lisa Zientek, Terri Kinyoun, Jennifer Zemlin, April Jardine, Yvonne Landmark, Terri Bryant, Sandy Hunt, Marcia Harvey, Louise Zemlin and Cindy McCugh.

    A teacher this popular must have some amazing qualities, and as our nominations told us, Jordan Zemlin is an amazing woman and teacher that chose to be a teacher over her other options because of her love of children, commitment to quality education and wanting to give something back in order to honor those teachers that gave so much to her. She is dedicated to her students and their families and does all she can to make sure they are successful when it comes to learning.

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    Sherry Powell

    Tomlinson Middle School

    Our third and final stop for the morning was at Tomlinson Middle school. We caught up with our third winner, Girls Phys Ed and Health teacher, softball coach and Athletic Director Sherry Powell. We caught up with her just in time as she was heading off to her duties as coach for the softball team, which had a game later in the day. Sherry was nominated by one of our other winners, Susan Cox.

    Susan told us that Sherry Powell goes above and beyond normal teacher duties, not only teaching full time but donating spare time as the girl's softball and tennis coach after school. This year she has taken on the added responsibility of acting as the school's Athletic Director. Mrs. Powell makes a positive impact on so many children through her teaching and mentoring.

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