If you're looking for the ultimate Christmas experience, then you have to plan a visit to Chickasha, Oklahoma! It's home to the World's Tallest Leg Lamp and a light display with over four million lights.

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The World's Tallest Leg Lamp

In 2020, Chickasha unveiled the world's largest leg lamp, which if you're a fan of "A Christmas Story" is kind of a big deal.


A former resident of Chickasha claimed to have invented the lamp that became famous thanks to the classic movie. So the town thought a giant leg lamp would be fitting.

It has since caught the attention of the nation, and has drawn thousands of visitors to Chickasha, plus peaked the interest of investors.

Chickasha Festival of Lights

Most Oklahomans know Chickasha for its Festival of Lights, which boasts over 4 million lights and giant lighted Christmas tree that can be seen from the highway. Every year Oklahomans plan a trip to the Chickasha Festival Lights. These trips are either done with family, friends or as couples - you can find plenty of photo or even engagement opportunities throughout the light display.

There's also several activities, movies and concessions for people to enjoy. You can also catch a ride on Santa's train or take a romantic carriage ride through the park. It's no wonder Chickasha's Festival of Lights has been named one of the best holiday light shows in the nation.

Is Chickasha, Oklahoma, really Christmas Town USA?

If there wasn't a Christmas Town USA before, then Chickasha, Oklahoma, definitely is. When the leg lamp was first unveiled in 2020, it was just an inflatable, which Chickasha found difficult to keep up due to Oklahoma's winds, according to an article from Chickaswa Country. In 2022, a more permanent leg lamp was introduced sitting at 40 feet tall on top of a 10 foot crate.

According to the article, the leg lamp today is accredited for bringing in $5 million in economic development and counting. And Chickasha has more plans to capitalize on Christmas by building up businesses, developing another park, building a pedestrian bridge and more.

In the article, the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce President Jim Cowan states that their goal is to make Chickasha "the next quintessential Hallmark Christmas town." And so far it looks like they're on the right path!

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