You can't accuse Little Big Town of being too predictable. The country quartet have gone from sunny to solemn with their latest single, "When Someone Stops Loving You."

The third single from Little Big Town's most recent album, The Breaker, finds them switching gears dramatically from the positive vibes of their previous single, "Happy People," both musically and lyrically. "When Someone Stops Loving You" is a rare acoustic guitar-based waltz released to country radio, and it moves singer Jimi Westbrook front and center to take the lead vocal on a Little Big Town single — another rarity in the band's history.

Westbrook delivers an evocatively pain-drenched vocal, buoyed by the group's signature harmonies, and songwriters Hillary Lindsay, Chase McGill and Lori McKenna — two-thirds of the writing team that created the award-winning smash “Girl Crush” — have written a song that is sparse without losing the power of the narrative, and simple without being simplistic. The waltz time signature and classic feel of the track could feel throwback in the wrong hands, but producer Jay Joyce tempers those elements with some vibe-y reverb-soaked electric guitars and effects that keep the track with one foot firmly rooted in the present.

Listen to Little Big Town, "When Someone Stops Loving You"

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Little Big Town's "When Someone Stops Loving You" Lyrics:

Still gotta walk into a crowded room with the radio on / Crack a smile and crack a beer like it don't bother you / Like it ain’t your song, that’s on / Still gotta cross the bridge to get to work / The one by her place / Make it through the nine-to-five like it don't hurt / It goes that way


When someone stops lovin' you / It don't make the evenin' news / It don't keep the sun from risin' / The clock from windin' / Your heart from beatin' / Even when you want it to / When someone stops lovin' you

Still gotta button-up your collared shirt / The one she used to button down / And sleep on the mattress where her body left a curve / Or maybe just the couch / Still gotta keep her number in your phone / In case she calls back / One night when she's drunk and all alone / Yeah, you pray for that

Repeat Chorus

The hardest part about it is / There ain't a switch that you can flip / ‘Cause you can't stop lovin' them / When someone stops lovin' you

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