Fans of Bray, Oklahoma native Katrina Elam have known for years that her songwriting reaches right into your heart and tugs on those heart strings.

Those skills are very apparent in the brand new single from Hunter Hayes, 'Invisible'. Hayes, along with Katrina Elam, and Nashville songwriter Bonnie Baker, sat down for a songwriting session with the intent of writing an upbeat happy song.  They fell short of that goal, but came up with a song that will inspire teens, and others who have felt at one time or another left out or 'invisible'.

According the USAToday, Elam wasn't satisfied with just writing a song about bullying, they wanted to make it a song about hope.  Hunter Hayes debuted the song at the Grammy awards last Sunday night and it was released to radio on Monday morning.

When asked about her experience with the song, Katrina told us,

'I am so excited to have been part of this song! We had a feeling after we wrote it that we really had something special and to already see the comments from some of his fans about how much it's meant to them is really overwhelming! I'm so lucky that I get to work with him...he is not just a great musician, he really is a wonderful human being. His momma should write a book on raising boys!!'

Here's the live version of the new single from Hunter Hayes 'Invisible'.