How many times have you looked at your keyboard and thought "Gross!  I wish I could run this through a wash cycle!"  Well, now you can. I have canned air in my office so I can blow the dust off my keyboard every once in awhile but sometimes that just isn't enough.

Logitech's Washable Keyboard K310 was unveiled yesterday (Wednesday).  It has the same layout as any keyboard but this one can take a dip in water!  You can rinse it in the kitchen sink or wipe it with a wet cloth.  You can even submerge it in up to 11 inches of water.  It even dries easily too.  There are holes in the back of the keyboard that help the water drain off of it. I think every IT engineer that I work with just did a collective sigh of relief.

Is this something you think you would buy?  Have you ever replaced your keyboard because it was too dirty?

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