Walmart has found a new way to be an even more convenient shopping experience for Oklahomans!

I absolutely love using curbside grocery pickup at Walmart. And I know people who take great advantage of their Walmart+ membership and having their groceries delivered right to their front door.

But recently, Walmart announced a new technology that will make shopping even more convenient!

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Earlier this month, Walmart present at the Consumer Technology Association's Consumer Electronics Show. Actually, Walmart was the keynote at this year's show. CEO Doug McMillon shared "Walmart's vision to design and build technology that will usher in the next generation of retail."

Walmart Taps Into Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to a press release about Walmart's presentation, the technology will "deliver consumers a new type of commerce - one that is customer-centric, interconnected, frictionless and consistently exceeds expectations." At CES, Walmart showcased how it will be using AI to serve as a "customer's concierge."

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Enhanced Search Experience

As outlined in the press releases, Walmart customers who have iOS now have access to a new GenAI-powered search. This allows customers an enhanced search experience to search with specific cases. For example, you can search "Super Bowl Party," and the app will give you shopping suggestions of everything needed to watch the big game, like chips, wings, drinks, a gigantic TV, etc.


InHome Replenishment

Humans are creatures of habit, and Walmart knows this. So Walmart has developed InHome Replenishment, "which uses AI and Walmart’s decades of replenishment expertise to ensure customers’ online shopping carts are filled with the right items at the right time and delivered into a refrigerator in a kitchen or garage."

Customers will be able to maintain this feature and be able to add or remove items from their list. They'll also be able to adjust the delivery day or time.


Shop with Friends

Walmart also launched a beta social platform called "Shop with Friends," which takes shopping to the next level. The platform enables "customers to share the virtual outfits they create with friends and get feedback on their fashion finds." Customers will basically be able to choose a model that resembles them and virtually "try on clothes." And these mock-ups can be sent to friends for feedback.


Other Walmart Announcements

At CES, Walmart also announced other advancements it's making for consumers, its associates and society.

  • Sam's Club unveiled a new technology to solve customer's problems of waiting in long lines for receipt verification by utilizing AI and computer vision technology - the first of its kind.
  • Walmart outlined another step in its goal to offering customers the convenience to getting items in 30 minutes.
  • Walmart plans to expand its in-house My Assistant tool for associates.
  • Walmart's steps towards reducing its impacts on the environment will expend. By 2025, 50 percent of its operations will be powered by renewable energy and 100 percent by 2035. By 2030, Walmart will advance its transition towards emissions-free energy, which will enable tens of thousands of households to save on their electricity bills.

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