Martina McBride and Train frontman Pat Monahan gave two newlyweds the present of a lifetime at the 2012 ACM Awards with a performance of ‘Marry Me’ during a real-life, onstage wedding ceremony. Frank Tucci and Christina Davidson were both widowed single parents after they lost their spouses unexpectedly, but luckily, the pair found each other, fell in love, and got married in front of millions tonight at the ACM Awards. 

Before McBride and Monahan performed their duet to ‘Marry Me,’ viewers learned more about Tucci and Davidson. With a 2-year-old son and a baby on the way, Davidson had to deal with the tragic and unexpected death of her husband after he passed away in a boating accident. Meanwhile, Tucci was also dealing with his own heartache, as he was left a single father and widower after his wife lost her battle with thyroid cancer. Tonight at the ACM Awards, their sadness and grief turned to happiness as they wed while McBride and Monahan — who almost looked like a bride and groom themselves — provided the backing music.

The camera first focused on Tucci and Davidson, who were dressed in their groom and bride attire in front of a priest who was reading vows. McBride then walked onstage and the vows died down in volume as her singing voice took center stage. It was a bit of an awkward transition, with the volume constantly switching on and off between McBride and Monahan’s vocal performances (which were spot-on regardless of the volume weirdness) and the priest, Tucci and Davidson, but overall it was a sweet scene and we were happy to see Tucci and Davidson join in the bond of marriage after suffering so much.

What did you think of the onstage wedding at the 2012 ACM Awards and McBride’s duet with Pat Monahan?

Watch the Live ACM Awards 2012 Wedding

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