Dierks Bentley has friends in high places. No, seriously. The singer performed his smash hit song ‘Home’ at the 2012 ACM Awards tonight (April 1), but not before he was introduced by none other than Bono. Yes, that Bono, of U2 fame.

Bono delivered a pre-taped intro, gushing that Bentley’s music makes him feel patriotic about America. Mind you, Bono is a tried and true Irishman. The singer said, “America is not just a geography or a country, but an idea.” That is pretty much country music in a nutshell, that’s for sure. And with that, Bentley began his song, after Bono called him a friend. We told ya Bentley has A-list pals.

Performing on the part of the stage that jutted out into the crowd, Bentley turned in a perfect rendition of the song while strumming his acoustic guitar. The crowd connected with Bentley as he soared through the song, which is the title track of his latest album, which recently hit No. 1 on the radio airplay charts.

We are left to wonder, though, Maybe we can expect a Bentley + Bono duet at the 2013 ACMs?

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