If your name is Taylor Swift, then one thing you’re never going to be free from (or, at least until marriage) are dating rumors. It seems Swift’s fanbase and the media alike would love to see the country starlet with a beau. And while others have to announce their romances by becoming Facebook official or tweeting a sweet nothing, all Miss Swift has to do is look someone in the eyes or share a meal with a guy (and his agent) and — bam — love is in the air.

At the ACM Awards over the weekend, one of these dating rumors surfaced when hosts Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire gave it a mention from the stage during their jokey current events banter, which seemed to surprise the ‘Ours’ singer. “Well, how about the rumor that Tim Tebow went on a date with Taylor Swift?” McEntire asked from the stage. And as the ACM crowd offered up cheers and “oohs,” Swift looked genuinely confused, shrugging her shoulders and mouthing “What?” like perhaps she didn’t even have the time to hear of that rumor its first time around.

Still, the starlet seemed to take it all in stride, even when Shelton made the additional onstage comment of Tebow, “Now we know what he’s been praying for.” Swift just looked down and laughed, only slightly uncomfortably and probably used to the dating jokes by now. But her moment in the spotlight wasn’t quite over yet, as Shelton continued, “You know I actually saw where Taylor is gonna be coming out with her own perfume. It’s actually called [makes signature Taylor Swift surprised, hands-on-the-cheeks face].  I can’t believe I smell this good!”

Swift took home her second consecutive Entertainer of the Year ACM Award this year, and we did notice that she avoided lifting her hands to her cheeks in a look of surprise. She did mention a date, but it certainly wasn’t Tebow. Swift gave a shout from the stage to New Jersey teen Kevin McGuire, a high school senior battling cancer who was supposed to accompany Swift to the show but, due to last minute health complications and a low blood count, unfortunately had to stay home.

Watch Taylor Swift’s Reaction to Dating Jokes at 2012 ACM Awards

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