Fresh off her win for Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2012 ACM Awards, Miranda Lambert had to switch from a celebratory mood to a much more somber tone as she readied herself to perform ‘Over You’ for the crowd gathered at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. If you’re a fan of Lambert, you already know that this song has a very personal meaning to the songstress and her husband, Blake Shelton.

Shelton actually introduced his wife before her performance, explaining that ‘Over You’ is the “most personal song” being performed at the 2012 ACM Awards. He then used Miranda’s non-stage name during his intro, saying, “She’s the most important person in my life, Miranda Lambert-Shelton,” making for a touching moment.

If you are familiar with Lambert and the song ‘Over You,’ you probably already know that Shelton and Lambert penned the ballad together about Shelton’s deceased brother, and Lambert really brought it home with her emotional live performance of the song at the 2012 ACM Awards. Singing into a red mic, the songstress, who also won the ACM Award for Album of the Year, sounded absolutely perfect. Her intoxicatingly twangy vocals are inimitable, and she is as dazzling to watch while she’s performing slower songs as she is when she’s tearing the roof off with powerful country-rock songs.

Dressed in a black with her blond curls falling to her shoulders, Lambert looked as gorgeous as her voice sounded. She choked up a bit at the end of the song as overwhelming cheers erupted from the crowd. It was a tender and soulful rendition of a sad and painfully honest song, and it was definitely one of the best performances of the night at the 2012 ACM Awards.

Watch Miranda Lambert Perform ‘Over You’ at the 2012 ACM Awards

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