Martina McBride fans, get ready to party! The country star has revealed that she's in the early stages of a book that will share her tips on entertaining, but it's not a book about her career in music. Instead, the star will dish out advice on planning dinner parties.

"It's a book that's going to have tips on entertaining at home and cooking," McBride explains to Country Weekly. "I love to entertain and throw dinner parties. If I wasn't doing this, I'd probably be a party planner or something." The 'Marry Me' singer adds that the book is still mostly an "idea," with an outline, but has not been pitched to any publisher just yet.

Of course, that's not all the writing McBride has done recently. She also co-wrote six tracks on 'Eleven,' her most recent album.

"I wrote 'Teenage Daughters' about my three girls and I wrote about first love," she says. "It was more like speaking directly to the fans and I really enjoyed writing for that project. It's kind of liberating to come up with what I want to say instead of waiting for someone else to write it. So I do want to write more."

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