As two of America’s NUMBER1EXPERTS™ in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area, Pam and Barry and their team are well equipped to guide you through all your real estate needs. Honesty, integrity, loyalty and professionalism are what makes them the TOP RANKED agents and team in the state of Oklahoma and the midwest United States. Pam and Barry are both members of the RE/MAX Platinum Club and Hall of Fame members, and also are members of Who’s Who Among American Business professionals. Pam and Barry have more training and experience than the average real estate agent, and don’t cost a penny more. In fact, their expertise may actually save you time and money when you’re buying a home, and maximize your profit when you are selling one. Call or email them today! They can help answer these questions and more: How do interest rates work? Why do they fluctuate? Does going green help your house sell? What is the Catch-All $500 tax credit in the Fiscal Cliff Deal?

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