Whether it was Amway, Herbalife, PamperedChef, or Mary Kay, at some point in life, most people have "drank the kool-aid" and hopped off into crazy-town for one reason or another.

In the last few days, social media and YouTube have been on fire because of the self-proclaimed "Donbas Cowboy" native Texan that joined Russia's fight with any & everyone long ago named Russell Bonner Bentley III.

Surely you've seen this recent video pop up where he is spouting off about fighting Nazi's in Ukraine...

It seems people are convinced he's hopped a plane to Russia recently to join in, but Russel has been fighting Ukraine, weapons hot, for almost a decade... so who is this wild Texan and why is he fighting for the losing side?

A professional arborist in his previous American life, but somewhere along the way, that initial flood of Russian social media influence and propaganda during the pre-2016 US presidential election cycle convinced him that the USA was full of Nazi's, and that we (America) had thrown our fascist resources behind Ukraine to enslave the people of a specific part of Ukraine... thus providing the call to arms for him to learn a new language and stand a post for the Ruskies.

He's initially caught a flight from Austin and headed straight to one of the "breakaway-state" areas of Ukraine referred to by the baddies as The Donetsk Peoples Republic... It's along the eastern border and has been highly contested ever since. The Russian separatists - AKA - rebels, have been trying to pull up a new iron curtain around the area for years.

I know, I know... It all sounds bat-crap-crazy, but it's a true story. Russell's story isn't even new, he's been at it for a long time. Here's an interview with him from before he could accurately dual-wield weapons in his ever-widening field of vision.

Even more strange, Russell's story isn't an easy one to follow. He's not even really "Texan." He's actually from Minnesota, where he was labeled a drug dealer and smuggling kingpin for growing the kind of "herbal" crops that would make him an honorary pharmacist and medicinal small business owner in Oklahoma these days. He merely moved to Texas after his legal troubles to start a new life, only to find his inner-Ivan and love for, well, Russia, apparently.

The story of Russell is beyond strange, and he seems to be loving the attention he's been getting about it. Does that make him a bad person? No. In a world of indecisive people, we tend to respect those that pick a stance and stand on it, right or wrong... Does all this madness make him a total jackass? Absolutely. Is it fair to call him a Texan? Yes... he identifies as Texan and the utopian woke world is all about redefining whatever it is a person feels to be true... be it he/him, them/they, it/that, her/she, etc...

One day, when Russia grows tired of their failure and accepts their ultimate defeat, Hollywood will do what they do best and the movie about this dude is probably going to be a blockbuster... $20 says Matt Damon signs up to play the glorified gardener turned rebel scum.

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