One of the worst fires in New Mexico history is currently ablaze and people around the world have full view of the disaster thanks to social media. With recent news about cities being evacuated, people want to know how they can help.

No Signs of Stopping

Right now, the fire has pushed more than 8,000 people out of their homes, seeking shelter in safer areas.

@cbsmornings Extreme heat is fueling about 20 large wildfires that have burned more than 100,000 acres in the West so far. This fire season could extend longer and be of greater intensity than usual, climate scientists say. #news#wildfires#newmexico#california♬ original sound - CBS Mornings

This fire is currently uncontained and showing no signs of slowing down. It is reported that around 14,000 acres have been burned and the number is growing rapidly. Smoke from the fire will actually be seen from states away, even in parts of Oklahoma.

How To Help

In wildfires like this, everything is usually scorched and stripped from families, so when they relocate, they often don't have the bare necessities. Different fundraisers have been set up to donate to, such as the Emergency Action New Mexico Relief Fund. These are funds used for clothing, meals and other short-term, and some long-term, recovery resources.

Depending on what you believe, another form of help has been prayers, requested by many in and around New Mexico.

People aren't the only ones in need of help evacuating. With little to no fuel in Ruidoso, getting animals out of the line of fire is a struggle. Some are requesting help with hauling livestock, horses and other animals.

Even if you can't travel, you can offer support to the organizations like the Red Cross who help communities in difficult times.

New Mexico may only border Oklahoma's panhandle, but it technically still makes us neighbors. And if any state has a habit of being neighborly, Oklahoma certainly has.

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