Recently while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic a Tampa Bay Meteorologist had his forecast interrupted by his dog. Meet Brody the newest internet superstar. Doing his part to help not only with the forecast, but to cheer people up and bring some much needed happiness and relief during these crazy times. 

Honestly whenever I'm on a live chat with others who are working from home I'm hoping something like this happens. I can't be the only one hoping to see the family pet enter the frame or do something funny. If I were working from home it would definitely happen. My two dogs Kiko and Pepper won't leave me alone and would be constantly trying to get pet, loved on or given a treat, guaranteed.

I hope to see more of Brody in the future, I'm expecting great things from this canine and his owner. Even if he interrupts the weather and causes more trouble. It's awesome too that his bosses and audience are all in agreement, these are serious times but we can all use a little Brody in our lives. You're a good dog...Thanks!

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