No doubt about it, Miranda Lambert is hot right now. She recently sold out a five show residency at Billy Bob's Texas, the World's Largest Honky Tonk. It was supposed to be only three shows last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but those shows sold out so fast Billy Bob's and Miranda added two more. Those shows will be this coming Saturday and Sunday as Billy Bob's celebrates their 40th anniversary in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

As much as we miss going to shows, the artists miss getting onstage and performing them. Miranda told the crowd at her show last Thursday night,

No matter what I've ever done in my career and what I'm still gonna do, somehow I still feel most at home on a barstool under a neon sign. I walked in here, I took a little tour around, and I just felt so at home. I remembered why I do this and why I missed y'all's faces so damn much.

To thank Miranda for five sold out shows, the Billy Bob's Texas team gifted her with an original painting from Henrietta Milan, a noted Fort Worth artist, to remind her of Fort Worth and her friends at Billy Bob's.

Billy Bob's Texas is a 120,000 square foot venue that first opened its doors in the Fort Worth Stockyards in April of 1981. Since then, more than 17 million people have enjoyed live musical entertainment and real bull riding in what is affectionately called the World's Largest Honky Tonk.

The facility can hold up to 6,000 rowdy patrons on any given night and has been named the Music Club of the Year 10 times.

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