Former MLB Player Barry Zito is out to prove his talents span more than just the baseball diamond. The now-retired pitcher has just released his first country EP, titled No Secrets, which includes five songs, all of which Zito either wrote or co-wrote.

Officially released Jan. 27, the collection of songs is a reflection of the ups and downs of life, drawing on Zito’s personal experiences throughout the years. The new artist has been playing guitar for more than 15 years, and started dabbling in songwriting soon after he started playing. Though he’s been an athlete by trade, playing major league ball for 15 years for the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants before his retirement in 2015, the music business is in his blood. Zito’s father was a conductor and arranger for Nat King Cole and eventually became an artist manager, while his mother was a backup singer for Cole.

The lead-off single from No Secrets, “Secret to Life,” speaks to Zito’s experience with a little bit of fame and success, getting to the heart of what really matters in life.

"We are all guilty of thinking, ‘Once I’ve get this next thing, I’ll finally be happy,’” Zito says of the song. "After having those things and coming out the other side, I realized that I was no more happy and no less sad from possessing them. In the end, there was never the magic pot of gold that was going to complete me. So at this point, I can at least say for sure that I have eliminated my search for fulfillment in those things, just like the hook of the song says: ‘I may not know the secret to life but I know what it’s not.’”

Zito’s No Secrets EP is now available on iTunes.

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