Sunday, Westboro Baptist Church made their appearance in Moore, OK, to protest at a school in the belief that the May 20th tornado that affected the city was a form of punishment from God. Dozens of the church group came out in protest and thousands more from Moore and the surrounding communities came out to counter-protest.

"Hate breeds hate and love breeds love," a Moore resident told KOCO.

According to KOCO, Westboro filed for a permit to protest at the area a week before the actual protest asking the City of Moore for permission to picket near Central Junior High, the school where Plaza Towers Elementary students are attending until a new school can be built for them.

Many counter protesters came out honking horns and hoisting their own picket protest signs that read 'Thank God Fred's Dead' in reference to the recent death of the church's founder and 'WBC Wrecking Crew.'

The Westboro protesters did not stay for long though. As the counter protesters grew in number, a few of them started to make their way across the street where the church was. Fearing for what the counter protest group would do, Westboro members ran to their vans, throwing their signs in and driving off before things escalated any further. The church group only used 10 minutes of their allotted 30 minutes granted by the City of Moore.

Below is a video provided by Matt Ramsey who was on scene during the Westboro Baptist Church protest in Moore, OK on April 6.

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