After hearing about it for so many years, I finally convinced someone to go have Mutti's with me a few weekends ago. I've never had German food, but with fried pork and sausages, what could go wrong? Since it was my first dive into German cuisine, I ordered the sampler. The sausages were good, the brats were amazing, the schnitzel was the bomb, and I'm pretty sure they spike the home-fries potato thing with ecstasy it was so good. I'm convinced America needs more good food like this.

Shockingly, if you look around Oklahoma, there's quite a number of German eateries around the state. Especially when you get around Yukon. I know the area is more known for its Czech population and heritage, but German ancestry is everywhere in Oklahoma. I assume it harks back to the same reason there's so many descendents of Irish and British families in the Sooner State, the seven land runs in the late 1800's through the early 1900's. Either way, doesn't matter, it just adds another check mark on the list of reasons why Oklahoma isn't a flyover state.

If you didn't know, Oklahoma is the most ecologically diverse state in the country. High desert and plateaus, mountains and swamps, you can literally experience all of America just inside this one state. The growing food diversity is just icing on the red dirt cake.

So, while I would love to link to a poll or study indicating concrete evidence to Mutti's being the number one German eatery in the state, I can't. I was literally just declared by people out on social media. If you've ever eaten there, you'll most likely agree. If you don't, odds are, you just don't like German food, in which case, I feel bad for you.

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