I had to make a trip to Ada yesterday so I thought, "why not stop by Miranda's store in Tishomingo?" David was a trooper and humored me while I walked around the boutique.

The drive from Ada to Tishomingo was very scenic. We enjoyed looking at all the ranch houses and horses along the way south on Highway 99. As soon as you reach Main Street in Tishomingo you can't miss the store; the pink and white awning and the big Pink Pistol sign on top of the building is right on the corner of Highway 99 and Main Street.

There is a very cute "soda fountain" feel to the place. David sat at the soda fountain and had a root beer float while I looked throughout the store. There was a lot of cute, boutique type items in the store and a few things with Miranda's signature logo on them. The prices were reasonable, not any higher than you would expect to pay at a boutique. Visitors have signed the floor and in the off chance that Miranda is actually in the store when you visit there is a sign asking visitors to please not bother her. If you want your picture taken with her or an autograph you will have to pay $100. The proceeds benefit her animal charity "Mutt Nation Foundation". If she would have been in the store I would have paid the $100.

The store was cute, the drive was long. If you are planning a special trip just to visit the store you may be wasting your gas money. If you are in the area it is worth a look.