It seems that every passing year presents a new set of laws we, as citizens of Oklahoma, must follow to remain law-abiding citizens. 2022 is no different.

Although the bulk of the laws will mean little to us individually, there is a mix of good and controversial things in this year's legislative update.

Expanded health rights for women and our state's youth is always a good thing. Preparing for the future of travel is a good thing too, but there are a few updates to the Oklahoma laws that are sure to create debate and argument between those on the far edge of political sides.

Libraries and content censorship have been a very hot topic for the last year or so in Oklahoma. Changes to the marijuana industry show both common sense growth, but also a money grab for additional tax revenues.

Here are the footnotes of what your elected leaders have been working on.

New Oklahoma Laws That Took Effect November 1st

Another year, another bunch of new laws to learn. Most of them have little to no impact on the average citizen, the rest are so subtle in bureaucratic wording, they aren't important enough to even mention. Here are the notable things to take away and store in your brain-box.

Oklahoma's Top 25 Largest Employers

Too many people think all they'll ever find is yet another dead-end job. Here's a quick list from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce featuring the twenty-five largest employers in Oklahoma who are always looking to hire good people.

Legal Means Of Capital Punishment In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the only state in the nation that offers more than two ways to carry out a death sentence. Here there are explained for the curious.

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