As we approach the Independence Day weekend, most folks have a common thread. A day off, B-B-Que with friends and family, and capping the day off with fireworks.

Unfortunately this year due to the very dry weather we have had combined with the heat and the wind, there will not be any local fireworks displays. Comanche and Stephens county commissioners both dedcided early this week to impose a county wide burn ban. This includes public fireworks displays.

Both counties have imposed fines of $1000 and $500 respectfully and jail time up to a year if caught shooting off fireworks.

At the time of this post, the towns of Comanche and Marlow both in Stephens County are planning on proceeding with their displays, Comanche on Saturday evening and Marlow at 10pm on July 4th. Both could be canceled by city leaders at a moments notice. If you are planning on attending either display, you might check with the city hall of each town to ensure the event is taking place.

Understandibly, due to the nature of the of this dry weather, it is dissapointing that we cannot have a display here in Lawton or Duncan or be able to shoot our own. But safety is prioirty number one. As many wild fires we have already had this year, the danger is even more critical as we approach the fourth. All it takes is one stray firework to set off a fire that will be devistating.

Best advice, watch the fireworks on the television. You don't have to go very far and you can turn out all of the lights to simulate the darkness of outside.  And lastly, there is always next year.

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