WARNING: We're idiots, there's video proof below. Whatever you do DON'T try this at home, we're trained professionals. If you do decide to have a roman candle fight or use fireworks in an unsafe manner don't blame us if injure yourself or someone else. Having said that...If you do share the video with us! Due to dangerous and ridiculously stupid content YouTube wouldn't let us embed the video. It's age restricted, sorry kids. So just smash the link below and enjoy some unsafe firework fun and high def dumbassery!


Kelso and I decided we'd take a quick trip back to childhood and relive the glory days by resurrecting the time honored Fourth of July tradition, the roman candle fight! We both had a spare $35.00 for the ER co-pay if need be, so we did what any responsible adult around fireworks would do, have a duel! I know, I know how recklessly irresponsible and childish, yep and it was TOTALLY AWESOME! It's just not the 4th of July without the smell of singed hair and powder burns. The best part, we got it all on video using HD Go-Pro cameras. We're talking vivid, full color, high definition, Micheal Bay quality here. You can almost feel the heat!

The video was shot years ago, hard to believe it was all the way back in 2015. We headed  to a family member's house who lives outside the city limits, because fireworks are illegal in town. Or at least setting them off in town is and LPD (Lawton Police Department) frowns upon roman candle fights. We armed ourselves, strapped on the Go-Pros and let loose! Kelso made the HUGE MISTAKE of wearing shorts that day. Bet he won't be doing that again. After the duel no clear winner was declared, we're still in an on going duel.

Whatever your plans are this Independence Day weekend I hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Looking forward to grilling, fireworks and hanging out with friends and family. Maybe you'll even get a three day weekend out of the deal with the 4th being on Sunday this year. Happy Fourth of July!

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