Congratulations OklahoMANS, our capital Oklahoma City has just been named “America’s Manliest City” according to a recent survey.

oklahoma city

The survey was held by Mars Chocolate, the makers of the ever so manly candy bar Snickers as well as the equally masculine snack Combos. The company held their fourth annual survey taking into account the number of hardware stores and steak houses the city had as well as manly occupations such as construction worker and law enforcement.

And what about all that road construction that’s always going on in the city? There are plenty or road workers around doing their manly job.

Mars said that cites could lose “man” points if cities had too many “girly” factors such as nail salons and god forbid high-end boutiques things that we men clearly don’t need.

Last year’s winner was Nashville, Tennessee and the city dropped down to the number four spot this year. After all Nashville is already the “Music City” they don’t need to be the “Manliest City” as well. So move and let us OklahoMANS show it how its done.

San Diego placed least manly in the survey so if you’re a manly man that loves his steak and hardware tools you may want to steer clear of that town.  After all men don’t drink fruity mixed drinks or count calories for that matter or would be caught dead at those boutiques. We take on home improvement projects ourselves, not hire someone to do it. We’ll spend our Saturdays taking care of the lawn or watching the game not catching some sale.

What do you think about our newest title?


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