All Okies can agree that the entire state gets super hot during the summer. There's no corner of the state where you can find relief from the heat - not even in the shade! But there are some counties in Oklahoma that are warmer than others.

Right now, summer 2024 is off to an extremely hot summer. There has been multiple days with intense summer heat and extreme heat indices. Oklahoma has had several days back-to-back with heat advisories. For most of the summer so far, Oklahomans have been encouraged to stay inside!

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Since summer began on June 20, Oklahoma has seen temperatures get hotter and hotter! Some areas have seen temperatures in the low 100s with the feels-like temperature near 110 degrees.

But what counties experience the warmest summers?

It wouldn't shock Oklahomans to learn that the counties that experience the hottest summers are in the southwest region. But other counties can get just as warm! Stacker used data from the National Centers for Environmental Information to put together the Oklahoma with the warmest summers.

The data below "represents the average temperatures from June to August 2022; the historic average is the average for these months from 1901 to 2000."

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