It's no secret, there's no love loss between bikers and myself. The way they always insist on holding up traffic in the mountains because they "have the right to use the road" and apparently love forcing others to follow their slow pace instead of politely letting motorists by... I know, long-winded, but I digress... I have no problem sharing the road, but your right is one of use, not a right to be a total a-hole.

Of course, this doesn't describe all bikers - AKA - cyclists we collectively encounter on the road... but it's always the few than ruin the reputations of the many, so it goes with a grain of salt.

I'm already off-topic.

If you missed the news, the United States just added 650 miles to the Bicycle Route System. These are designated "safe" routes that dedicated cyclists may opt for when traveling the country.

Yeah, there's a community of people that travel the country on bicycles. At least one Lawton realtor has made it a habit of riding with his pals from here to Breckinridge, CO from time to time, just for the heck of it. That's the kind of dedication and passion we should all exhibit for some sort of hobby.

Of these new 650 miles of USBRS, 429 of them stretch across Oklahoma from the Kansas border near Miami (pronounce My-Am-Muh) all the way down to the Texas Panhandle near Erick along a route that is pretty much the entire Oklahoma stretch of Route 66.

While it may not seem fun to you, there's plenty to experience along the way. The Blue Whale of Catoosa, Pops Soda Shop, the Round Barn in Arcadia, the world's largest concrete totem pole, and even a few famous Grapes of Wrath filming locations near Weatherford. It's sure to be a hit.

Details here.

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