Being a HUGE FAN of the movie 'A Christmas Story' I can't wait to make a visit this holiday season to this small town in Oklahoma to see this EPIC 50-plus-foot tall leg lamp. Without a doubt, it's one of the most iconic and recognizable movie props of all time. It's a lot more than a statue or lamp...It's a major award!


'A Christmas Story' was released back in 1983 and throughout the years has become one of the most watched, quoted, and all-time favorite holiday movies for many people. Myself included. In the movie, Mr. Parker wins the leg lamp by entering a crossword puzzle contest. Thus beings the legendary battle of the lamp. "The epic struggle which followed still lives in the folklore of Cleveland Street to this very day." 

“It's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!” KFOR Oklahoma's News 4 KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

You'll find this incredible leg lamp statue in the town of Chickasha, OK. They've been busy for the past several months constructing what will be the world's largest leg lamp. It will be located on 1st Street near the old train depot and will remain up and on display all year long. It lights up just like the one in the movie!

Last year people from all over came to Chickasha to see the 40-foot inflatable leg lamp they had on display throughout the holiday season. Well, they decided to go even bigger and build one that would be permanent. Chickasha is also home to the Festival of Lights, one of the biggest and best Christmas light displays.

Hit play on the video below to watch the official movie trailer for 'A Christmas Story.'

So why did Chickasha decide to build this ENORMOUS 50-plus foot, light-up, leg lamp statue? Well, for several reasons. Reason one: the gentleman who is credited for building the first leg lamp that was the inspiration for the one used in "A Christmas Story' is actually from Chickasha, OK. How cool is that?

Nolan James was a professor at the Oklahoma University School of Visual Arts. He created a funny and unusual lamp using mannequin legs and a shade that was in his office. It was a big hit and everyone always commented on it. One man was particularly interested in the lamp and would regularly visit James' office to see and study the lamp. Later that same man ended up on the production team for "A Christmas Story.'

The dedication of the 'Leg Lamp' is this Saturday, November 5th in Chickasha, OK. KFOR Oklahoma's News 4 KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

Sadly Mr. James passed away in 2020 but his legacy and memory will certainly live on thanks to his hometown. Another reason for this MEGA monument is it will certainly draw people from all over the Sooner State, even the Nation to Chickasha to take a look. Lastly, another great reason for this HUGE statue is why not. I mean it's pretty awesome and almost everyone knows the legend of the ' A Christmas Story' leg lamp.

Chickasha will officially be hosting the grand opening and dedication of the statue this upcoming Saturday, November 5th (11-05-22) at 7:00-pm. I for one will be in attendance and look forward to seeing it lit up in all its splendorous glory! We also have the Chickasha Festival of Lights' opening soon for the 2022 holiday season. If you've never been, you're missing out. It's one of the best Christmas light displays in the state!

Watch the video below from KFOR Oklahoma's News 4 about the 'Leg Lamp.'

For as long as I can remember we have had a tradition in my family with 'A Christmas Story." Every year it's the very first Christmas movie we watch and it's always on Thanksgiving. That night after the big meal we gather in the living room to officially kick off the holiday season by watching 'A Christmas Story' together.

Looks like this year we'll be watching 2 movies. If you haven't heard the news yet 'A Christmas Story Christmas' will be released on HBO Max on Monday, November 17th (11-17-22). So this year we'll watch the original then hit play on the new one! I can't wait to see it, I just have to hold off until Thanksgiving night!

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