'Best BBQ in Oklahoma' isn't a title taken lightly. Among some very stiff competition, Oklahoma has a new champ.

What makes such a bold statement so controversial is how personal taste determines a winner. Sure, I grew up in a town with 'Oklahoma's Best BBQ,' but the other place across town was way better! It was my personal taste of the dish that made me a fan for life.

Skip forward to the now, according to Thrillist.com, Oklahoma's new best BBQ joint is Leo's Barbeque in OKC.

Come right into the present and you're probably saying to yourself 'Says who?'

Answer: Thrillist not only polled the die hard meat loving fans, but also the fellow pitmasters in the area.

While it's not much to look at, it sure fits the bill. If you didn't know, hole in the wall type joints are usually the best. No fancy decor, just great honest food.

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