Most Oklahomans have never heard of an Oklahoma Martini, but it's definitely one that Okies who love a good cocktail may want to try.

A basic martini is served in a chilled martini glass and consists of gin and vermouth. It's typically garnished with an olive and/or a lemon twist. There's several different variations and different tricks to make a martini.

Those who love martinis and cocktail bars sometimes have their own twists on the classic martini. And this might be where the Oklahoma Martini came from. But based on the ingredients, it doesn't seem like it stems from a classic martini. It's definitely a very distant cousin from the estranged side of the family.

But recently, a TikTok user gained traction with Oklahomans for their Oklahoma Martini. Most Oklahomans were surprised by the drink as they had never heard of it!

What's an Oklahoma Martini?

In the TikTok by @morganmiddendorf, the girl behind the bar is at the golf course bar and is getting ready to make an Oklahoma Martini. They start off by pouring Coors Light on draft into a chilled beer glass. Next, they add three olives to the glass and a splash of olive juice. And the final step is squeezing a lemon and adding it to the glass.


In the comments, several Oklahomans stated the following:

"I'm from Oklahoma, and I've never seen this!"

Other commenters had heard of the drink before - one stated that they call it a "Texas Martini."

Either way, it actually sounds like it could be a yummy drink! Someone in the comments suggested pickles instead of olives, so it looks like this drink could be pretty customizable.

Check out the full TikTok below.

@morganmiddendorf OKLAHOMA MARTINI TIME! #oklahoma #oklahomamartini #beer #coorslight #olives #lemon #bar #cartgirl #bevcart #thedukegolfcourse ♬ original sound - The Fashion Lab

Have you heard of the Oklahoma Martini? Got another Oklahoma cocktail to share?

If you have heard of the Oklahoma Martini, let us know by messaging us on the app! We're curious to know where you learned about it. Also, if you have any other Oklahoma cocktail recipes to share, please drop them to us in the app!

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