An Oklahoman's favorite past time is going to Sonic. This drive-in holds a special place in the hearts of all Okies. Whether you used to go there for Happy Hour or after home football games, Sonic is one special place in Oklahoma.

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As I was going to Sonic one afternoon for my cherry vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper, it got me thinking, "What does someone's Sonic drink order say about them?"

There are so many add-in flavors that it would be impossible to judge someone on those, but there are several base flavors that have a lot to say about the person who's ordering that specific drink. And Oklahomans will always stand by their personal Sonic drink order.

Keep scrolling for what your Sonic drink order says about you!

So me and a couple of coworkers here at the station started discussing what some drink orders at Sonic say about the person that orders them. These definitely had us giggling because, of course, some of these are our drink orders!

If you don't see your drink order or a friend's drink order below, send us a message on our app! We'd love to hear about your specific Sonic drink order, why you stand by it and what you think it says about you.

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What Your Oklahoma Sonic Drink Says About You

Sonic is the best go-to drive-in for Oklahomans. There are plenty of different drink concoctions to choose from, but there are a few key players that say a thing or two about you.

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