It looks like Oklahoma will be voting on the legalization of recreational marijuana in the Sooner State this November. OSML (Oklahomans for Sensible Marijuana Laws) and supporters have turned in over 164,000 signatures to the secretary of the state that was required to get the issue on the state ballot as an official Oklahoma state question. Once the signatures are verified, (SQ-820) will be placed on the ballot this November for a vote of the people. So what will this do to current cannabis laws and medical marijuana?

(SQ-820) seeks to change Oklahoma statutes making recreational marijuana legal in the state for persons 21 years of age or older. Medical marijuana will also continue in the state under its current supervision. So basically both recreational and medical marijuana would be available and overseen by the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority). The biggest difference between the 2 will be cost and additional taxes.

(SQ-820) would not only make recreational marijuana legal in the state it also addresses legal modifications to those who may be imprisoned for prior marijuana charges and/or judgments. It would reverse and/or expunge those charges in some, not all sentences. It also covers state taxes on recreational marijuana which would be around 15%. The tax would not apply to those with a medical marijuana card, just recreational.

The tax revenue that would be generated will be used to support and help fund the OMMA  the state's court systems along with several other agencies and actions including drug treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation services, funding schools, and education. Again according to how it's written the 15% tax won't apply to patients who possess a valid medical marijuana card. Oklahoma is one step closer to legalization.

The legalization of recreational marijuana and (SQ-820) has grown in support and momentum. There's a better than good chance that if it's placed on a ballot this November Oklahomans will vote to approve it. They needed around 95,000 signatures for the petition and they turned in close to 165,000 so a lot of people support legal recreational marijuana. You can contact ORCA (Oklahoman's for Responsible Cannabis Action) for more information on (SQ-820) by visiting their official website or check them out on Facebook.

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