Have you ever heard of the horrific history and terrifying tales of the demonic Zozo house in Oklahoma before? Until yesterday evening I was unaware this nightmare even existed. It's a fascinating and frightening story about an Oklahoma man who accidentally unleashed an ancient evil, an entity or demon named Zozo.


Being a big fan of all things paranormal and supernatural I'm surprised that I'm just now finding out about this incredible and insane story. I stumbled across it yesterday evening on YouTube. I immediately hit play and have been hooked ever since. So what's the story? It starts back in the mid-1980s with an Oujia Board.

Watch the video below to learn more about the demonic Zozo house of Oklahoma

Here are the basics of the story. 2 friends find an Oujia Board and begin playing with it and end up connecting to what they think is a spirit. They had hoped to contact Bon Scott of AC/DC but it wasn't the legendary frontman they were speaking with. It was a demonic presence, an ancient evil that identified itself as Zozo.

The 2 continue to use the Ouija Board and bad things begin to happen. One of them even had their death predicted by the spirit board and died in a tragic car accident. His friend, Darren Evan kept the board and continued to use it throughout the years. His curiosity and interest in Zozo became a dangerous obsession.

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Daren was on a mission to uncover everything he could about Zozo. One day he and his wife were using the Ouija board trying to connect and communicate with Zozo. During the session, Daren was attacked by the demon and it even attempted to possess him. It also went after his family including his young daughter.

It seemed that Zozo had found an opening into our world and had been unleashed. Whatever it was now filled the home where Daren and his family lived. It could be heard throughout the house and made itself known to the family. Eventually, they left never to return. Daren Evan released a book back in 2016 about his experiences and his research called 'The Zozo Phenomenon.' He's also appeared on countless shows and other media to warn others about messing with occult items like Ouija Boards and tell his incredible story.

The story of Zozo has even been the subject of several horror shows and movies

The house where this all took place was just recently purchased around this time last year. It's located at 3808 S. Hudson Ave. in Oklahoma City, OK. You can click here to check out the official listing that was posted on Zillow.com. Or browse through photos and review the old Realtor.com listing by clicking here. Not sure who the new owners are, or if they've experienced anything unusual or out of the ordinary...Yet.

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