I can't believe this and it's certainly going to upset OSU (Oklahoma State University) students, fans and alumni. A recent survey has voted Pistol Pete as the worst college mascot in the country. The poll was conducted by Quality Logo Products Blog and ranked the mascots on being fun, friendly and sexy. Yes, sexy. How that became a thing is beyond me. Sadly according to the survey OSU's Pistol Pete tops the list of the worst mascots in college sports. Maybe if they knew the man who became the mascot they'd think different.

You may or may not know this, but Pistol Pete was a real person. That's right, Frank Eaton A.K.A Pistol Pete was a U.S. Deputy Marshall in the Indian Territory in the mid 1800s. He was the real deal and one of the toughest lawmen and fastest draws around, even faster than Buffalo Bill Cody, or so they say. That's how he ended up getting his nickname Pistol Pete. Hit play on the video above to learn more about Frank Eaton.

So how did this cowboy lawman end up become the mascot of OSU? He was noticed when riding his horse in an Armistice Day Parade back in 1928 and started making appearances at other Oklahoma A&M events. Soon after that he was adopted as the unofficial mascot of then OAMC. Then in 1958 he became the official mascot a year after OAMC changed to OSU and has been the mascot ever since.

This latest poll or survey from Quality Logo Products Blog is a joke, Pistol Pete holds several titles as being one of the greatest mascots in sports by National polls and even ESPN.com. If you'd like to see the full top 10 best and worst college mascots according to the Quality Logo Products Blog poll click here.

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