I think the person who was on this flight might have over exaggerated a bit, but I will let you be the judge of that.

A pilot on a flight from Houston to Albuquerque, New Mexico currently has an investigation going on. What on Earth did this pilot do? Well, he made a comment on President Joe Biden over the speaker. What exactly did the pilot say? "Let's go Brandon." According to passengers on the plane, audible gasps were heard when the pilot did this.

So you maybe asking yourself, what the hell does Brandon have to do with Joe Biden? About a month ago after a NASCAR race that Brandon Brown won, he was doing an interview. In the clip above at about the 3:55 mark, you can clearly hear the crowd chanting 'F*** Joe Biden'. It's clear as day.

Now the reporter probably should not have even said a thing, but for some reason she decided to say, "As you can hear the chants from the crowd, let's go Brandon". This has now become a viral trend in the past few weeks to insult President Biden.

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Southwest Airlines released the following statement: “Southwest does not condone Employees sharing their personal political opinions while on the job serving our Customers, and one Employee’s individual perspective should not be interpreted as the viewpoint of Southwest and its collective 54,000 Employees."

I just wanted to know if some sort of rant happened before this? It sounds like once they landed he did his sign off and said it. I usually tune out that loudspeaker unless turbulence is happening, but I guess several people were offended aboard the flight.

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