I talked about an array of things that make Planet Fitness great but I may not have mentioned how helpful they are to some of us beginners. From the friendly greeting from front desk staff upon walking in, to the experienced trainers that are there to lend a helping hand and guide you through your fitness journey.  With your $10 a month membership, you get free unlimited fitness training – everything from abs, cardio, up and lower body, they’ve got you covered.  You’ll also get access to their many quick and easy to use circuits, such as the PF-360 total body circuit, which is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to speed through a multitude of exercises in a shorter period of time and train just about any muscle in your body, a variety of different ways, without having to exchange dumbbells or jump from machine to machine.  They also have a 12-minute ab circuit, which is a simple 12 step routine that targets your core and helps carve out your abs.  and I mean, come on…who doesn’t need help with their abs?  What I am here to say is that throughout your journey Planet Fitness makes it easy for anyone of any level to get started and develop a routine that is right for you. Why not stop by and find out more?  Planet Fitness 38th and Cache road, in the Cache road square. Stop in and check out all they have to offer for just $10 a Month!


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