President Obama, an avid basketball player has just released his brackets. He predicts his national champion and it comes from a blues state.

For the past two years, President Obama has gone with Kansas University  to win the NCAA tournament and both times he was wrong! But since this is an election year, the president decided to gamble and bet on North Carolina’s Tarheel Blue. Obama recruited the ESPN Andy Katz to advice on the bracket choices. The two filled out his bracket at the White House on Monday with a camera crew documenting the event.

His NCAA Final Four picks include  No. 1 seeds Kentucky Wildcats and North Carolina Tarheels and two No. 2 seeds Ohio State Buckeyes  and the Missouri Tigers. Obama went on to pick  the North Carolina Tar Heels to defeat the Kentucky Wildcats to win the NCAA National title in his tournament bracket.

When asked about why he picked the Tarheels , the President said “I am going with North Carolina getting revenge for the regular season victory.,” he continued, “they are an older team, more experienced team.” But Obama also cautioned that his North Carolina pick was premised on the health of big man John Henson, who was injured during last week's ACC tournament and is questionable for Friday's opener against the winner of  tonight's play in game between Lamar and Vermont. Do you agree with President Obama’s pick? Who do you think is going to win?


Here is President Obama's Official bracket


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