Imagine being known the world over for how good you are at your hobby.

That's a universal dream I think every person has deep down inside them. Whether you play the guitar, secretly sing to thousands of screaming fans in your shower each morning, or perhaps you're just the best at whatever it is you're into... Modge podge and all that.

Hollis, OK native Scott Cummins is ridiculously good at carving pumpkins.

Just look at it. That's the predator carved out of a pumpkin! It's talent like this that earned Scott his worldwide reputation and appearances on TV's Food Network.

Scott works as a beloved art teacher in the Texas panhandle, but this time of year he becomes the Pumpkin Gutter. He'll sit down and just start carving out his next incredible creation. He's not shy about sharing his skills either.

If you'd like to try carving his way, there are some great resources on his website. Tutorials, walk-throughs, tools, and just how to get started. He also shares his newest creations over on his Facebook page.

Even though Scott is incredibly famous in the pumpkin carving category, he's still the same loveable goofball he's always been. He'll always be the local art student who used to draw caricatures at the Black Eyed Pea Festival each year.

Here are some of his amazing works.

The Incredible Carvings of the World Famous "Pumpkin Gutter"

You've probably seen him on the Food Network, or perhaps you saw his photos in Ripley's Believe It or Not, SW Oklahoma native Scott Cummins is world-renowned for his amazing ability to carve pumpkins.

He carves other things too... Canalope, watermelon, the occasional cordog or two, but he's mostly known for his pumpkins. An artist to the core, Scott truly has an eye (and the skills) to find amazing creations in everything he touches.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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