Raleigh Keegan's new song is for anyone who feels like they always extend themselves on behalf of others, even if they don't give themselves the same grace. "Handyman" is set for release on Friday (March 5), but Taste of Country readers are hearing it a day early in this exclusive premiere.

Keegan co-wrote "Handyman" with Marshall Altman, and the lyrics offer help for everyone else, while lamenting the narrator's inability to address his own needs.

"I can fix a tire or a broken heart / Put it back together when it's torn apart / And I'll be there to help you hang that shelf / If you got a leak in the kitchen sink / I can fix the faucet or fix you a drink / All you gotta do is ask for help / Baby it would be easy / Wish it could be that easy for me to fix myself," Keegan sings in the chorus.

"A song for me always starts with honesty," the singer-songwriter tells Taste of Country. "'Handyman' is an honest take on how I function in some parts of my life. It’s about how often it feels like I am better at helping others than I am at dealing with my own issues. For example, I could be having a really tough day, but if my wife Shelby has had a hard day, I am able to be there for her anyway. It’s about being there and being good at being a fixer for your loved ones, even if you feel a bit helpless with your own struggles.”

Keegan's music draws from an extraordinary backstory. Born in the Columbus State Penitentiary to a mother who was addicted to drugs, he was then adopted by a family in Cincinnati. He grew up to play multiple instruments, and most recently, he's been working with Grammy-winning producer Ryan Gore, whose credits also include Old Dominion and Jon Pardi.

“Raleigh is a rare breed of artist," Gore says. "He is bold enough to be different than the mold but has the skill to back it up. It’s not every day you get to work with an artist who knows who they are, what they want to say, and has undeniable talent.”

For more information about Raleigh Keegan, please visit his official website, or keep up with him via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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