There's an ease to Ray Fulcher's delivery on "Down on My Window" that signals he's found his voice as an artist after several hits with good friend Luke Combs.

The modern country swinger is what you'd get if George Strait and Eric Church had a baby. There's little growl in his voice, but a breezy Texas beat smooths any rough edges for those who prefer polish. Fulcher's new release is a breakup song, but one with enough color that if you're not there in life, you'll hardly notice.

Wyatte Durrette and Jonathon Singleton co-wrote "Down on My Window" with Fulcher. He's been kicking around Nashville for several years but has started to turn heads as one of country music's most successful independent artists. After touring with Combs this summer, you can find him on tour with Chris Janson this fall.

Did You Know?: Ray Fulcher grew up in Augusta, Ga., but has never played Augusta National, the golf course that hosts the Masters each year.

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Ray Fulcher's "Down on My Window" Lyrics:

Gotta go gotta go / Gotta get on down the road / Gotta out run your memory / Wherever that takes me / I don’t know I don’t know / I don’t know if I can get me far enough away / From what you did to me.

So i’m gonna need a sunset / I can ride off in.

And a little shine on my boots / A little cut in my loose / Two buttons down on my pearl snap / An old stetson hat / Little splash in my cup / Little gas in my truck / Little cranked up on my radio / A little down on my window.

No way no how / This cowboy’s gonna turn around / That want you back bridge is burned / Heart broken lesson learned / Letting go and movin’ on / Boy they make it look easy on a movie screen / Hope it looks good on me.

Repeat Chorus

A little down on my window / Gonna need a big the end in the sky on the way out of town / Roll them credits and them windows down.

Repeat Chorus

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