As I sit here, starving and coughing on day five of my first bad case of covid, I can't help but imagine the personal hell the people who write for recipe websites will be cast into one day.

I made plans and bought everything I would need to meal-prep a bunch of blackened chicken over the New Year's weekend, but ended up tripping balls with that signature covid-19 fever.

Now that I'm at that sit-around and cough a lung up stage, I have nothing better to do so I'm trying to find a blackened chicken recipe to master when I can finally balance myself again.

Here's the rub.

After looking at a few dozen recipes online, as recommended by Google, why does every recipe writer want to spill their entire life story to you in some weird quasi-justification of how much seasoning to use and how to best apply it?

Oh, blackened chicken is a taste of home for you? It reminds you of time at grandmas? Great, give me the recipe without making me scroll a million pixels down the page to find the single paragraph that actually talks about prep and cooking.

Here's the truth.

There's a reason why recipe writers get so long-winded on the web. The longer the word count, the more advertising they can sell.

As simple and basic as that sounds, it's the truth.

Some write enough to entertain, others write so much it annoys. There's really no goldilocks word count out there.


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