Today, Friday, May 24, is the last day to register in the Oklahoma primary elections. The Oklahoma primary elections are scheduled for Tuesday, June 18.

Oklahomans can easily register to vote. Those 18 and older living in Oklahoma can register to vote online, by mail or in-person at their local County Election Board. Below are the details for how to register to vote in Oklahoma from the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Register to Vote Online

Register to Vote By Mail

  • A voter registration form can be filled out online and then printed to either be mailed or dropped off at a local County Election Board office. Forms can be filled out on the Oklahoma Voter Portal or downloaded.
  • Applications must be mailed or dropped of at your local County Election Board.

Register to Vote In Person

  • Oklahomans have multiple places to register in person, including your local County Election Board, tag agency or select public assistance agencies. Submitted applications at approved locations other than an election board will be mailed to the State Election board at no cost.

What will be on the ballots for the June 18 primary elections in Oklahoma?

What all will be on the ballot is different for each county. Sample ballots are currently available and can be viewed on the Oklahoma Voter Portal. Sample ballots can only be viewed on the Oklahoma Voter Portal if you're already a registered voter.

More information regarding registering to vote, voting and upcoming elections in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma State Election board official website.

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