Its been 13 years since that tragic day where 2,974 Americans perished because of an act of cowardice by 19 terrorist. But the losses totalled far more than the almost 3,000 lost on that tragic day.

For 13 years we have remembered those lost, the first responders who dies just doing what they do, and for the many, many Americans who have died or have been injured in the years since fighting a war that many feel is pointless, endless and hopeless.

Before you lay your head to rest tonight, say a prayer for those we've lost, but please, say another for those that were left behind. Those that have had to carry on without the ones that were their worlds. The husbands and wives, the mothers and fathers and most importantly, the sons and daughters that will live the rest of their lives remembering every day...

Say a prayer for those left behind to carry on without.

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