If you spend enough time online in Oklahoma social media--Facebook groups, Reddit, etc... you would automatically assume that everyone in the Sooner State should be on anti-depressants. I suppose it's natural since playing the victim is social currency these days.

The best way to get attention online is to be upset about one thing or another. Sometimes the complaints are legit, other times it seems people are reaching a little too far.

Much like online reviews, it's the people who are disgruntled that speak the loudest and make mountains out of molehills. Honestly, look around online. The person upset with a product will write paragraphs about their negative experience whereas the satisfied customer will leave a 5-star rating completely blank.


The hottest topic for the last decade has been politics, and it has become so toxic and corrosive, I genuinely feel sorrow for anyone seeking out conversations about either side.

Even more sad, we've done it to ourselves. The farther one party moves to their side, the more the other party moves to counterbalance things. We're at a point in our history where nothing can get done because nobody can agree on anything. It's militant politics.

Instead of wasting your time and breath talking about it, focus that energy on things that are positive in our lives. Things that Oklahomans almost unanimously agree are great.

Here's the quick rundown that I'm sure will grow as your suggestions come in through the app.

Oklahoma's Highest-Rated Barbeque Joints, In No Particular Order...

I doubt there's a single topic debated more passionately in Oklahoma than who makes the best BBQ. While they all smoke meat, there are some huge differences in how that process is done. Type of wood, length of cook, foil vs paper wrap, and even the hot topics of seasoning and binders come into play. What you like others may not, and vice versa. Since we can't just pick a top five or ten, here are the Oklahoma barbeque joints that have the biggest fans.

Do Not Leave These Things in Your Hot Car in Oklahoma

While you would expect most of this to be common sense and general knowledge, you'd be amazed how many people found out the hard way there are some things you should never leave in a hot vehicle. Since we're knee-deep into another hot Oklahoma summer, it's worth mentioning to those who don't know.

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